Responsible Gaming

All of us at Gold Coin Studios want our players to enjoy our games safely and responsibly.

We are committed to developing games that are fair and meet the highest standards of verification and compliance.

We create games to entertain and create a fun gambling experience.

Every player needs to take care that the fun is not overtaken by a compulsive need to gamble that creates problems in their life.

When you do gamble you should set yourself budget limits and time limits, in particular. Know what is within reason and stick to it. Drinking too much alcohol whilst gambling can lead to playing for longer and/or spending more than planned.

Online casino games are not designed to make you money on a regular or long-term basis. They are designed for entertainment with the possibility of winning on some occasions. Wins are not guaranteed.

Games cannot be manipulated or any type of skill applied to them. All results are determined by a Random Number Generator (RNG) where one result is no way influenced by any other result. Everything is based on probability and as such the outcome for any individual game is always unpredictable.

Here are some signs that you may be experiencing problems with gambling:
- spending beyond your limits and chasing losses
- gambling for excessive periods of time
- thinking about gambling constantly
- hiding your gambling activity from family and friends
- borrowing money to gamble with or to cover normal expenses that you have not paid due to gambling
- using gambling as an escape mechanism
- playing on even when you know it is not the best thing to do at that time

If you are exhibiting one or more of these signs, or are becoming worried about your gambling in any way, please contact gambling help services.

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